Hello! I am Mango, an enthusiastic computer science college student.
My main area of focus is software development, mainly related to designs that require
the use or application of physics. My strongest language is C# on the .NET framework.
I have also learned some things in other directions.This includes web development, Angular,
ASP.Net Core, EntityFramework, and ML.Net.

FoSS Projects

This is SmartPixel. A GUI program I made that will take ANY image and redrawn it into a visually generated color palette. This application represents knowledge in memory mapping, random generation, .NET WPF, and design.

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Mangopad is a metro style text editor with features you'd expect from a standard notepad. Including Auto-Save and Quick Print as well. This application represents knowledge in WPF, MVVM binding, and general C# knowledge.
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VKBGraph is a full stack application that displays keypresses per minute onto a locally hosted SPA. This application represents knowledge in web dev, Angular, SPA development, and full-stack application.
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BSV is an application that will display a bubble sort to you in a console. I made this application to help display and provide understanding for the algorithm. This application represents knowledge in general C#, and sorting algorithms.
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